Hôtel d’Artois (Mahaut d’Artois and Jeanne de Bourgogne et Artois)

Mahaut d’Artois owned the Hôtel d’Artois and generously donated land from the site for the Hôpital Saint-Jacques-aux-Pèlerins. On February 18, 1319, Mahaut’s daughter, Jeanne de Bourgogne et Artois, queen of France and wife of Philippe V, laid the fist stone for the foundation of the hôpital.

Later, during Jeanne’s 1330 funeral procession, her body would have passed by her former Hôtel d’Artois (now the residence of her daughter and heir, Jeanne de France, countess of Artois and Burgundy (1308–49)).

Present-day location: 133 Rue Saint-Denis